Sunday, March 14, 2010

Good Practical Advice from Hacked Rage3D Site

Unfortunately, it appears that the popular Rage3D site was hacked recently.  I point this out not to embarrass them, but instead to applaud them for taking the time to give the following great advice as they work to address the problem.

From as of 14 March 2010:
"We recommend those of you registered in the Rage3D Forums change the password for the email address that you used to register in the Rage3D Forum.  If you use the same password anywhere else in your online life, you should change it there as well".

As the Internet becomes increasingly hostile, events like this underscore the importance of avoiding using the same credentials too broadly.  If your strong and otherwise secure password can be taken in cleartext from somewhere, that can be a serious problem if you use those same credentials for your brokerage or banking accounts.  The weak link breaks the chain.

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